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Musical Instrument Repairs

Mr Music does repair work on most musical instruments. We provide full warranty service on all of the instruments we sell.


We are happy to welcome Mr. Scott Taylor to our repair service team at Mr Music! 

Scott has many years of experience in servicing all brass, woodwind and orchestral instruments

He was the repair shop and product manager for NK Music in Rockport, Maine.

Before that, he was the Northeast district manager for Conn-Selmer, Inc.

In 1980, Scott founded Taylor Music Co. which grew from a single bench repair shop into a band instrument pro shop and leasing company.


Violin Restoration

Do you have an old violin that needs restoration? You can bring it to us and in most cases, we can bring your instrument back to life! We can replace missing parts, clean and rejuvenate the wood, install new strings, tune it up and get it ready to play. We can provide a brand new case if desired.

Accordion Repairs

Mr Music repairs accordions. Bring your instrument to us and we will be able to let you know if it can be fixed. If we determine that repairs are possible, upon your approval we will provide a written estimate. There is a non-refundable $40.00 fee which must be paid in advance for the full estimate.

Guitar Repairs – Acoustic or Electric

  • Restring – Remove and dispose of old strings, clean fingerboard, install and settle new strings, tune, clean entire instrument
  • Tuner (Machine Head) Replacement
  • Electronics Repairs – rewiring, fixing or replacing output jack, volume/tone controls, etc.
  • Setup/Adjust – Many times we can improve the playability of the guitar with some adjustments to the bridge(s) or neck.

Brass/Woodwind Instruments

  • All repairs including full or partial re-pad on woodwinds
  • Instrument Restorations and Overhauls
  • Stuck mouthpiece removal
  • Repair stuck slides, etc.

Banjo, Mandolin and other stringed instruments

  • We fix these too! Bring your instrument for a free estimate.

Drum & Percussion Instruments

  • Mr Music can usually replace broken or missing parts. We can install new drum heads and tune your drum(s) to the proper tension.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Repairs


Q. Who does your repair work?

A. This depends on the type of work that is needed. We have repair technicians in-house for most jobs including all accordion repairs, violin repairs and restorations, guitar restringing and setup, guitar repairs, as well as brass and woodwind instruments.

Q. What do you charge for repairs?

A. Most repair jobs are comparatively minor and can be done at a reasonably low cost to you. With the exception of very minor repairs, after we have examined the instrument, we will contact you with the cost estimate and get your approval before the work is done. Some jobs such as accordion repairs, brass and woodwind re-pads or overhauls may require a deposit.

Q. Is there any kind of guarantee on your repair work?

A. Repairs are guaranteed for 60 days. This guarantee covers repair work that was done by Mr Music only. For example, if you bring in a saxophone and you ask us to replace the neck cork and subsequently have a different problem with that same instrument, only the neck cork job is covered by our guarantee. Often-replaced parts such as guitar strings are not covered under any guarantee. Makes sense, right?

Q. How long does it take?

A. Most repairs are done in two to ten days from the time you drop off your instrument or equipment. If longer time is needed we will let you know the estimated time and the reason for it. This usually happens when parts have to be ordered.

Q. Can I speak directly with your repairman?

A. With the exception of accordion repairs where you will speak directly with Mr. Magnante, all communication is carried out with the administrative personnel at Mr Music. This policy prevents miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Q. What about repairs on a rented instrument?

A. If you’re currently making monthly payments on an instrument that you rented from Mr Music and your account is up-to-date, and you didn’t opt out from your Damage Waiver coverage, you’re covered for most repairs. In rare cases their may be a rental instrument repair that is not included in your loss-damage waiver. These would include repairs that are needed due to damage caused by abuse or neglect. In almost all cases, rental instrument repairs are fully covered and we take care of everything at no additional cost to you, the renter.

Q. Do you offer loaner instruments while we’re waiting for the repair?

A. If you are renting an instrument from us, we are happy to provide you with a loaner instrument to use while you are waiting for the repair job to be completed. We do this as a courtesy and we are not under obligation to provide loaner instruments. Of course, this depends on current inventory levels. For rental customers, we can almost always provide a loaner instrument when needed.

We will be happy to speak to you about your repair job. Please call (239) 561-5611 or stop in during store hours or click HERE to send a message to us.