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Now In Stock: Peavy Amps – Models Starting at $88.00!
Peavey Vypyr Amp

These are some of the items we have in the music store:

New instruments come with warranty included in the sale price! These are always either one year warranties or lifetime warranties, depending on the instrument.

Used instruments at Mr Music always come with a six month warranty, included!

Band Instrument Rentals

Guitar Rentals

New & Used Musical Instruments and Brand Names

Acoustic Guitar Washburn Guitars
Acoustic-Electric Guitar Samick Guitars
Classical Guitar Jay Turser Guitars
Clarinet Cort Guitars
Trumpet Oscar Schmidt Guitars
Cornet Vandoren Reeds
Trombone Rico Reeds
Oboe Ernie Ball Strings
Accordion D’Addario Strings
Flute Martin Strings
Piccolo Elixir Strings
Alto Sax Fender Strings
Tenor Sax Conn
French Horn Selmer
Harmonica Bundy
Recorder King
Violin Jupiter
Viola Hohner
Bass Guitar Suzuki
Electric Guitar  Bastien
Amplifier  Alfred’s
Ukulele  Essential Elements
Mandolin  Standard of Excellence
Cello  Song Books
Guitar Strings  Music Stands
Violin Strings  Guitar Stands
Cello Strings  Guitar Straps
Banjo  Sax Straps
Banjo Strings  Accordion Straps
Ukulele Strings  Microphone


There’s lots more in the music store for you!

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