Mr Music 2017 Spring Recital Announced!

Dear Mr Music Students & Parents,

We at Mr Music are excited to announce that our Spring recital will be held on Sunday April 23rd at 6:30 PM. This event will be held at DeLasalle Academy which is on the corner of Techster Dr and Plantation Rd.

This recital will include students who are learning Piano, Voice, and/or Violin. (The recital for all other instruments will be held in the Fall.)

Students who wish to perform must tell their instructor as soon as possible. Instructors will help students determine a piece of music that can be practiced and presented at the recital.

There is no charge or fee. Family members and friends are encouraged to attend!

Last year, our recitals had a theme. This recital will not have a particular theme. We may decide to do something in the future with themes and other fun stuff. These decisions will be made later on.

Reminders and further details will be sent out before April 23rd.

Your Friends at Mr Music