Honor Roll – November 2017


Mr Music Students – Highest Score Averages for November 2017

Each lesson is assigned a score of 1, 2, or 3. To receive the highest scores, students should have good attendance, come prepared (Don’t forget your book!), and practice daily.

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The following students maintained the highest average scores for the month.


Abigail E Ukulele
Abigail E Vocal/Voice
Abigail F Cello
Abraham V Accordion
Albert R Trumpet
Alex P Guitar
Alexa G Piano
Anastasius L Piano
Anna C Guitar
Anna D Saxophone
Ava P Drum/Percussion
Barbara R Drum/Percussion
Benny Y Drum/Percussion
Bianca P-S Vocal/Voice
Bill V Mandolin
Brenda Z Drum/Percussion
Brooke B Piano
Brooke B Violin
Bryan P Guitar
Caitlin B Ukulele
Carli C Saxophone
Carson H Guitar
Celina L Piano
Clarence K Accordion
Cole Guitar
Cole Drum/Percussion
Courtney A Piano
Cynthia B Banjo
Daniel D Violin
Daniel P Guitar
Daniel Z Oboe
Dona G Guitar
Donna M Drum/Percussion
Donovan G Saxophone
Ed B Piano
Elicia C Vocal/Voice
Elissa S Guitar
Emma P Piano
Emma S Violin
Ethan G Piano
Gabriela A Guitar
Giovanni C Guitar
Grason D Guitar
Guiseppe T Guitar
Hannah J Guitar
Hannah J Ukulele
Hayden T Drum/Percussion
Imoni A Piano
Isabella M Piano
Ishaan A Trumpet
Ivan R Violin
Jackson F Drum/Percussion
Jim M Violin
Joan R Mandolin
Jon Tyler C Guitar
Jorge N Saxophone
Jy W Violin
Kaitlyn R Guitar
Kaitlyn R Clarinet
Kaitlyn S Guitar
Kat V Guitar
Katherine W Drum/Percussion
Kaylee J Vocal/Voice
Kinsey P Vocal/Voice
Lauren B Guitar
Leo L Piano
Leonardo C Bass Guitar
Lester R Drum/Percussion
Li L Piano
Lincoln S Piano
Logan H Guitar
Luke W Drum/Percussion
Maddie M Drum/Percussion
Madeline S Piano
Madeline W Piano
Marchel T Piano
Maria T Piano
Matthew M Drum/Percussion
Max B Guitar
Maya J Trumpet
Miriam H-C Vocal/Voice
Owen Z Drum/Percussion
Paige T Piano
Pam L Violin
Richard P Drum/Percussion
Riley S Clarinet
Roman R Guitar
Ron W Guitar
Rose G Piano
Sadie B Guitar
Sam C Guitar
Sam E Drum/Percussion
Sergio P Guitar
Sevyn H Trumpet
Sonali A Piano
Stephen Z Clarinet
Susie R Piano
Tucker L Guitar
Valerie G Guitar
Vihaan N Drum/Percussion
Vinny R Saxophone
Wayne F Trumpet
Wesley S Piano
Zachary D Saxophone
Zachary H Drum/Percussion
Zachary R Drum/Percussion

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The Holiday break is a good time to bring in your instrument for repairs if needed!

Honor Roll

Aashi P Piano
Abby C Piano
Abdias F Piano
Addison B Violin
Aidan B Guitar
Aiden D Piano
Aleena P Violin
Alessandra O Piano
Alex P Piano
Alyssa G Vocal/Voice
Aniston D Piano
Anthony O Guitar
Aubree B Guitar
Auri P Guitar
Axel A Violin
Benjamin T Guitar
Benny Y Trumpet
Bianca B Piano
Brianna M Flute
Bruce L Vocal/Voice
Bryan P Vocal/Voice
Bryson H Ukulele
Caleb R Guitar
Camila A Piano
Camryn L Violin
Carlos G Piano
Chevarre A Drum/Percussion
Christian G Drum/Percussion
Christopher B Guitar
Clayton W Guitar
Craig F Guitar
Dan N Piano
Daniel P Drum/Percussion
Daniel S Violin
Darren J Piano
Dave Z Trumpet
David M Guitar
Denis J Guitar
Devin L Guitar
Domenic P Guitar
Dona A Piano
Dylan G Guitar
Erika C Piano
Erika C Vocal/Voice
Evelyn J Piano
Gabriel S Piano
Gavin P Piano
Grace S Guitar
Hailey S Vocal/Voice
Hayden F Guitar
Hendrix G Piano
Hunter H Guitar
Isabella F Piano
Isabella F Vocal/Voice
Isabella V Vocal/Voice
Ivan Y Piano
Jacob G Trumpet
Jaeden S Drum/Percussion
Jagannath P Piano
Jamie L Piano
Jean A Viola
Jefrin Mary J Piano
Jenna K Vocal/Voice
Jerin Mathew J Guitar
Jethin Varghese J Violin
Joe D Vocal/Voice
Joe T Guitar
Joseph F Piano
Judson P Guitar
Kaitlyn S Vocal/Voice
Karen K Piano
Kavya P Guitar
Kendra H Piano
Kennard H Piano
Kennedy C Piano
Kerri T Piano
Kirsten C Piano
Landen B Piano
Landen S Guitar
Lily V Piano
Lily V Vocal/Voice
Litia K Piano
Madalyn L Guitar
Maddie M Violin
Maddox M Piano
Madeline W Vocal/Voice
Maggie B Violin
Mahi P Piano
Marc L Bass Guitar
Maria T Guitar
Marjorie F Guitar
Martin S Drum/Percussion
Matthew L Vocal/Voice
Matthew M Guitar
Max G Piano
Max R Guitar
Maxine D Piano
Mazur M Guitar
Michael D Trumpet
Michael S Ukulele
Mykala A Guitar
Nadia O Piano
Nadia O Violin
Nicholas M Guitar
Noah N Violin
Olyvia L Piano
Owen W Guitar
Owen Z Piano
Paisley P Piano
Pat O Guitar
Patrick M Guitar
Philip S Piano
Pippa V Guitar
Rachael D Guitar
Regan M Vocal/Voice
Richard F Banjo
Richard W Accordion
Rick T Guitar
Riley M Piano
Riley M Vocal/Voice
Rio L-S Violin
Rob F Guitar
Sacha G Piano
Safayar M Clarinet
Sara G Piano
Savannah M Guitar
Savannah O Piano
Shyam G Guitar
Sonali A Vocal/Voice
Sophia L Guitar
Sophia P Flute
Steve S Clarinet
Susan M Banjo
Susan T Piano
Tiffany C Piano
Tiffany C Vocal/Voice
Torben S Violin
Vadan N Piano
Vanessa S Piano
Vashty F Violin
Vince R Guitar
Xylyn R Guitar
Zoe S Piano

 Congratulations Honor Roll Students. Thanks for making music with us!

The Holiday break is a good time to bring in your instrument for repairs if needed!