Honor Roll – November 2016


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Mr Music Students – Highest Score Averages for November 2016

Each lesson is assigned a score of 1, 2, or 3. To receive the highest scores, students should have good attendance, come prepared (Don’t forget your book!), and practice often.

The following students maintained the highest average scores for the month.


Aidan B Guitar
Aidan B Piano
Alan E Piano
Alex P Guitar
Alexa G Piano
Alexandra R Guitar
Anil J Violin
Aniston D Piano
Anna C Guitar
Anna M Piano
Anthony I Drums
Arika C Guitar
Arrianna J Clarinet
Bianca B Piano
Bianca P Voice
Bryan P Guitar
Caitlin H Piano
Caleb R Guitar
Carly A Piano
Christian G Piano
Cole Guitar
Cole Drums
Cynthia B Guitar
Cynthis B Banjo
Dalton L Guitar
Deetya G Piano
Dona G Guitar
Ed F Guitar
Ella J Guitar
Elle E Piano
Emily G Voice
Ethan M Guitar
Gabriel S Piano
Giovanni C Guitar
Giovanni E Guitar
Hailey R Saxophone
Hannah J Ukulele
Hudson A Piano
Hunter Y Guitar
Irem O Piano
Isabella M Piano
Jerry G Guitar
Joe P Guitar
Julian G Guitar
Julianna B Piano
Jusdson P Guitar
Kenny M Guitar
Landen S Piano
Landon T Piano
Leo L Piano
Liam B Piano
Lily V Piano
Logan H Guitar
Madhava P Drums
Marjorie F Guitar
Max B Guitar
Max R Guitar
Maxine D Piano
Melissa K Piano
Mia W Voice
Nolan B Violin
Pat O Guitar
Presley C Drums
Presley C Piano
Radu D Drums
Rebecca H Clarinet
Rob F Guitar
Robert O Guitar
Ron R Guitar
Sevyn H Trumpet
Sidney D Guitar
Sloan S Piano
Sophia P Flute
Stephanie D Guitar
Tatiana M Violin
Timmy M Guitar
Tony R Clarinet
Victoria G Guitar
Vinny R Saxophone
Violet R Piano
Wayne F Trumpet
Xylynghale R Guitar
Yao G Piano
Zach B Trumpet
Zachary E Banjo


Aislinn A Guitar
Aislinn A Piano
Albert R Trumpet
Alejandro M Guitar
Alexa J Guitar
Alia S Piano
Amanda S Guitar
Amy W Saxophone
Ariana R Violin
Asha S Saxophone
Auri P Guitar
Austan C Guitar
Ava M Piano
Ava R Piano
Axel A Violin
Barbara R Drums
Benny Y Drums
Biju T Guitar
Bob S Guitar
Brayden K Drums
Breanna I Violin
Brian H Voice
Brian L Guitar
Caitlyn C Bass Guitar
Carlos G Piano
Catarina C Piano
Chloe G Piano
Christian L Guitar
Clarissa B Viola
Claude L Drums
Claudia C Drums
Colin S Piano
Colton W Guitar
Cross G Trumpet
Cy G Piano
Daniel P Guitar
Daniel R Guitar
Daniel S Violin
Danne V Accordion
Daphne S Violin
Devan H Guitar
Devin L Guitar
Diana W Violin
Dominic E Piano
Donovan G Piano
Eli A Voice
Eli A Piano
Elissa S Guitar
Elizabeth V Guitar
Eloy G Drums
Emanuel R Piano
Emelyn B Guitar
Emily B Voice
Emily D Voice
Gabrielle C Guitar
Gary S Bass Guitar
Grace S Guitar
Guiseppe T Guitar
Guiseppe T Violin
Gus L Guitar
Haley K Guitar
Harry D Piano
Hayden F Guitar
Hayden T Drums
Hendrix G Piano
Hunter Y Voice
Ian I Guitar
Isabella B Piano
Isabella F Voice
Isabella M Violin
Isabella T Guitar
Ivan Y Piano
Iysiss K Violin
Izabella W Drums
Jacinda V Drums
Jacinda V Piano
Jacob G Tr
Jacob G Trumpet
Jacob S Drums
Jaeden S Drums
Jaxx J Piano
Jenessa R Piano
Jennifer B Voice
Jenny T Piano
Jessica P Guitar
Jocelyn G Guitar
Joe E Guitar
Joseph K Piano
Joshua M Piano
Judson P Guitar
Julia M Drums
Julian P Guitar
Juliet S Voice
Kailey W Piano
Kailey W Voice
Kaitlyn R Guitar
Kaitlyn R Clarinet
Kameron S Guitar
Kat V Guitar
Kat V Voice
Kate P Piano
Katie B Cello
Katie B Piano
Kaylah K Guitar
Kd D Guitar
Kendra H Piano
Kerri T Piano
Kevin S Bass Guitar
Kevin S Drums
Kiara J Guitar
Lana S Piano
Landen B Piano
Leonardo C Bass Guitar
Lexie D Voice
Leyanna N Violin
Liliana T Piano
Luke W Drums
Lynda H Piano
Madalyn L Guitar
Maddy W Violin
Madhava P Piano
Maggie B Violin
Makayla D Guitar
Makayla D Voice
Malik P Guitar
Maria C Piano
Maria C Voice
Mary W Piano
Matheus P Guitar
Matthew M Drums
Matthew M Guitar
Matthew S Clarinet
Matthew W Accordion
Maureen B Flute
Maxwell C Guitar
Meredith P Piano
Michael G Piano
Miguel T Piano
Miguel T Voice
Mikayla R Violin
Mitchell C Guitar
Morgan T Guitar
Natalie G Piano
Nicolas S Guitar
Noah N Violin
Nolan W Piano
Owen W Guitar
Paige T Piano
Paisley P Piano
Pam L Violin
Pooja P Flute
Pooja P Piano
Qing W Drums
Rachael D Guitar
Ricky B Guitar
Robert J Guitar
Safayar M Clarinet
Sara M Piano
Savannah M Guitar
Scarlett S Piano
Sean E Piano
Shyam G Guitar
Sophie B Piano
Steve S Clarinet
Torben S Violin
Victoria A Piano
Vincent E Piano
Vinny R Guitar
Wesley S Guitar
Zachary R Drums
Zoey E Piano