Honor Roll – March 2019


Mr Music Students – Highest Score Averages for March 2019

Each lesson is assigned a score of 1, 2, or 3. To receive the highest scores, students should have good attendance, come prepared (Don’t forget your book!), and practice daily.

The following students maintained the highest average scores for the month.


Abby G Guitar
Adina B Drums
Alex P Guitar
Amya V Voice
Andres R Violin
Anna C Guitar
Ashley R Guitar
Austan C Guitar
Axel A Violin
Barbara V Piano
Bill W Drums
Cassandra M Flute
Cole Guitar
Daniel P Guitar
Dennis R Guitar
Dona G Guitar
Dylan G Guitar
Elizabeth N Voice
Elliot R Piano
Evelyn J Piano
Gabriela A Guitar
Gianna M Piano
Graham M Piano
Hailey S Voice
Hailey S Piano
Imoni A Piano
Jace G Guitar
Jacob M Drums
Jamie L Piano
Jorge N Saxophone
Kenneth B Saxophone
Khaysie T Trumpet
Kristen F-R Voice
Landen B Piano
Lekha V Piano
Luke W Piano
Luke W Drums
Maddie M Violin
Martha F Violin
Matthew M Guitar
Max E Piano
Mazur M Piano
Naiane F Drums
Neil P Piano
Ryan C Guitar
Sonia L Guitar
Thomas E Bass Guitar
Veronika M Piano
Vittoria S Violin
Wayne F Trumpet
Zackary B Trumpet



A.J. D Bass Guitar
Abby P Piano
Abraham V Accordion
Adam L Guitar
Adams S Guitar
Addison B Violin
Aidan B Piano
Aidan B Guitar
Albert R Piano
Alex B Drums
Alyssa G Voice
Alyssa G Piano
Anastasius L Piano
Andrew M Piano
Andrew W Piano
Angela G Piano
Anja G Guitar
Annemarie C Flute
Anthony C Guitar
Anthony C Drums
Austen S Piano
Barbara R Drums
Benjamin T Guitar
Benny Y Drums
Bernie B Guitar
Bhanu S Piano
Bianca P-S Voice
Biju T Guitar
Bill A Mandonlin
Bill A Mandolin
Bill U Guitar
Bob K Banjo
Bob P Bass Guitar
Brenna C Piano
Brooke B Piano
Brooke B Violin
Bruce E Piano
Bruce E Guitar
Caleb L Guitar
Carolina V Violin
Chase H Piano
Chloe J Violin
Christian G Guitar
Christian G Drums
Christine M Piano
Cici D Violin
Cindy C Violin
Clarence K Accordion
Cody F Voice
Cody F Guitar
Cole Drums
Cooper L Drums
Dan N Piano
Daniel P Drums
Daniel S Violin
David C Drums
David S Voice
Deetya G Piano
Denver D Guitar
Devin L Guitar
Diego B Guitar
Dieter C Guitar
Dilan P Piano
Dona A Violin
Dona A Piano
Dylan N Trumpet
Elizabeth N Guitar
Emily M Piano
Emily R Violin
Estella E Piano
Ethan C Guitar
Ethan G Piano
Franceslee V Violin
Gabriel B Violin
Gabriel S Piano
Gabriella V Piano
Giovanni C Guitar
Gordon K Guitar
Guy S Guitar
Hannah J Guitar
Harry DiS Guitar
Henry P Piano
Herbert W Saxophone
Ian I Guitar
Isaac G-M Saxophone
Ivan Y Piano
Jacinda V Drums
Jack L Guitar
Jacob G Trumpet
Jada A Drums
Jaden M Ukulele
Jaeden S Drums
Jagannath P Piano
Jason P Voice
Jayda M Piano
Jefrin M-J Piano
Jerin M-J Guitar
Jerry K Guitar
Jessica G-L Violin
Jessy P Piano
Jethin V-J Violin
Jim W Guitar
John R Banjo
Johnny H Violin
Jon Tyler C Guitar
Jonathan C Drums
Jorge N Drums
Joseph K Piano
Juan G Trumpet
Justin O Guitar
Kaitlyn R Guitar
Kaitlyn S Guitar
Kamryn R Violin
Karen L-J Ukulele
Katelyn W Piano
Katherine W Drums
Kayleigh T Violin
Kelly R Piano
Kirsten C Piano
Kyler K Ukulele
Landen B Guitar
Landon T Piano
Laura C Piano
Leland M Piano
Leo L Piano
Leonardo C Bass Guitar
Lester R Drums
Linda B Piano
Logan H Guitar
Lucas S Piano
Luis S Accordion
Lyn S Ukulele
Madalyn L Guitar
Maddie M Piano
Maddox M Piano
Madeline W Piano
Makayla D Voice
Margerita G Piano
Marisol A Upright Bass
Marisol A Violin
Mark W Piano
Marty S Drums
Mason B Drums
Matthew M Drums
Max E Guitar
Max W Bass Guitar
Maya S Voice
Mazzy B Violin
Memphis B Trumpet
Nadia O Piano
Naian F Accordion
Nathan L Guitar
Nicholas G Piano
Nichole G Saxophone
Nicolas B Guitar
Nicolas G-S Guitar
Nikki P Guitar
Nilesh S Violin
Oliver D Guitar
Olyvia L Piano
Owen Z Drums
Owen Z Piano
Patrick M Guitar
Phil K Violin
Philip S Piano
Preston L Bass Guitar
Preston L Piano
Rachel K Piano
Rachel V Violin
Ralee F Guitar
Rebecca A Piano
Rena C Violin
Richard D Guitar
Richard F Banjo
Rob F Guitar
Robert O’F Guitar
Robert V Banjo
Roger P Piano
Roman R Guitar
Sadie B Guitar
Sandy W Ukulele
Sara H Guitar
Savannah M Guitar
Savannah R Piano
Sharon L Voice
Sophia L Guitar
Susanna S Piano
Tanisha N Piano
Trish T Drums
Vanessa S Voice
Vashty F Violin
Victoria G Piano
Zachary C Guitar
Zachary R Drums
Zack O Piano

Congratulations to all of our Honor Roll students!