Honor Roll – August 2017


Mr Music Students – Highest Score Averages for August 2017

Each lesson is assigned a score of 1, 2, or 3. To receive the highest scores, students should have good attendance, come prepared (Don’t forget your book!), and practice daily.


The following students maintained the highest average scores for the month.



Aidan B Guitar
Alex P Piano
Alex P Guitar
Alexa G Piano
Anastasius L Piano
Anna C Guitar
Arika C Guitar
Austan C Guitar
Barbara R Drum/Percussion
Benny Y Drum/Percussion
Bianca B Piano
Camryn L Violin
Cole Guitar
Cynthia B Banjo
Deetya G Piano
Dona G Guitar
Donovan G Saxophone
Ella J Guitar
Emanuel R Piano
Emma P Piano
Emma S Violin
Giovanni C Guitar
Hannah J Ukulele
Isabella F Piano
Jacob G Trumpet
Jorge N Saxophone
Kaitlyn R Clarinet
Kaitlyn S Guitar
Karen K Piano
Kat V Guitar
Kennedy C Vocal/Voice
Landen B Piano
Logan H Guitar
Luke W Drum/Percussion
Madeline W Piano
Madeline W Vocal/Voice
Max B Guitar
Maxine D Piano
Owen Z Piano
Pam L Violin
Paulina G Piano
Presley C Drum/Percussion
Riley S Clarinet
Rory F Violin
Sadie B Ukulele
Sam C Guitar
Sevyn H Trumpet
Sophia R Piano
Susan R Ukulele
Wayne F Trumpet

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Aashi P Piano
Abby C Piano
Abraham V Accordion
Addison B Violin
Aislinn Jianna A Guitar
Aislinn Jianna A Piano
Albert R Trumpet
Aleena P Violin
Alia S Piano
Alyson M Violin
Andres R Violin
Aniston D Piano
Anna C Vocal/Voice
Anna D Saxophone
Anthony I Drum/Percussion
Ariana R Violin
Auri P Guitar
Ava P Piano
Ava R Piano
Axel A Violin
Benjamin T Guitar
Benny Y Trumpet
Bianca P-S Vocal/Voice
Bryson H Ukulele
Caitlin B Ukulele
Caleb R Guitar
Camila A Piano
Carlos G Piano
Caroline P Piano
Cassia M Violin
Catrina E Guitar
Celina L Piano
Christian G Drum/Percussion
Claudia C Drum/Percussion
Cole Drum/Percussion
Courtney A Piano
Dalton L Guitar
Daniel P Drum/Percussion
Daniel P Guitar
Daniel S Violin
David M Guitar
Devin L Guitar
Dona A Piano
Donovan G Piano
Ed B Guitar
Elissa S Guitar
Elizabeth N Guitar
Eloy G Piano
Eloy G Drum/Percussion
Emily B Flute
Emily S Piano
Erika C Vocal/Voice
Erika C Piano
Evan C Guitar
Evelyn J Piano
Ewan McK Piano
Gabriel S Piano
Gabriela A Guitar
Gabrielle C Ukulele
Gabrielle C Guitar
Gary S Guitar
Gavin P Piano
Grace S Guitar
Grant M Banjo
Hayden F Guitar
Hayden T Drum/Percussion
Hendrix G Piano
Hudson P Drum/Percussion
Ian I Guitar
Imoni A Piano
Isabella B Piano
Isabella B Vocal/Voice
Isabella F Vocal/Voice
Isabella M Violin
Isabella M Piano
Ishaan A Trumpet
Ivan Y Piano
Jacinda V Drum/Percussion
Jagannath P Piano
Jaiya L Guitar
Jamie L Piano
Jared H Trumpet
Jefrin M-J Piano
Jerin M-J Guitar
Jesus T Piano
Jethin V-J Violin
Jim McC Violin
Jim N Guitar
Joe R Guitar
Joe R Vocal/Voice
Joe T Guitar
Joel S Saxophone
Joseph K Piano
Joslynn W Piano
Judson P Guitar
Kaitlyn S Vocal/Voice
Katherine W Drum/Percussion
Kavya P Guitar
Kaylee J Vocal/Voice
Kendra H Piano
Kennard H Piano
Kirsten C Piano
Kyle K Guitar
Lance R Flute
Landon T Piano
Leo L Piano
Leonardo C Bass Guitar
Lester R Drum/Percussion
LeyAnna N Violin
Liam H Vocal/Voice
Lily V Vocal/Voice
Lily V Piano
Loretta M Guitar
Luis C-G Piano
Lynda H Piano
Madalyn L Guitar
Madeline S Piano
Madison Y Piano
Madyson F Clarinet
Marchel T Piano
Maria T Piano
Marjorie F Guitar
Mary W Piano
Matthew L Vocal/Voice
Matthew M Guitar
Max R Guitar
Melissa K Piano
Meredith P Piano
Michael S Ukulele
Mykala A Guitar
Nadia O Violin
Nahomy S Violin
Nicolas S Piano
Nicolas S Guitar
Noah N Violin
Nolan B Violin
Olyvia L Piano
Owen W Guitar
Owen Z Drum/Percussion
Paisley P Piano
Pat O Guitar
Pippa V Guitar
Presley C Piano
Rachael D Guitar
Richard F Banjo
Rick T Guitar
Riley McK Piano
Riley McK Vocal/Voice
Rio L-S Violin
Rob F Guitar
Sadie B Guitar
Savannah McC Guitar
Savannah O Piano
Sonali A Piano
Sonali A Vocal/Voice
Sophia L Guitar
Sophia P Flute
Spencer R Guitar
Stephen Z Clarinet
Susan T Piano
Tiffany C Piano
Tiffany C Vocal/Voice
Tony R Clarinet
Torben S Violin
Tucker L Guitar
Vanessa S Piano
Vihaan N Drum/Percussion
Vince R Guitar
Vinny R Guitar
Wesley S Piano
Xylynghayle R Guitar
Yao G Piano
Zachary D Saxophone
Zachary H Drum/Percussion
Zachary R Drum/Percussion
Zoey E Vocal/Voice