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About Mr Music

Mr Music
Mickey Magnante

Mr Music was established in Framingham MA in the ’60s by renowned accordionist, Mickey Magnante. The music store relocated to Fort Myers in 1971, with the opening of its first location downtown in the Patio De Leon. Mickey’s son David took over the business in 1984 after he attended Boston College. David runs a hands-on business. You can still find him in the shop almost every day.

David Magnante, Owner
Mr. Music stands out as Lee County’s oldest musical instrument store, specializing in personalized service for each customer. This is also one of the few music shops in the country where folks can find accordions, both piano style and diatonic. David’s great uncle, Mr. Charles Magnante was, and still is known as the world’s greatest accordionist! David is an expert player in his own right. He also repairs accordions and offers private music lessons on the accordion.

“Mr Music has always been a leader in the community when it comes to musical instruments, lessons and great service,” says David Magnante. “Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did!”

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